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In addition to creating software, websites and mobile applications, we also support companies by developing their visual concepts, allowing customers to identify with the brand.

We develop:

  • intuitive interfaces (in accordance with the UX standards)
  • logos, posters, sign books
  • advertising and reportage films
  • professional website templates, compliant with Responsive Web Design standards

Our portfolio includes projects for small companies, well-known Polish brands, and for foreign companies.


LiRoyal is an exclusive brand of CBD oils founded by Piotr Liroy-Marzec, offering premium products. In cooperation with the company, we have developed:

  • logotype and visual identification of the brand, in line with the nature of the industry in which it operates
  • product labels and packaging in line with the concept of premium products
  • advertising materials promoting the brand on various marketing channels
  • a website with an online store, in addition to sales aimed at deepening the public's knowledge about the effects of CBD

Our intention was to create a subtle, yet strong brand image with a modern, business-related design. As a result, a simple but elegant logo and packaging were created, and the newest technologies were used when the building the store.


The Ciechan Brewery is one of the most unique breweries in Poland, the products of which initiated the fashion for unpasteurized beers in the country. The realization included:

  • refreshing the logotype
  • developing labels for new products in the manufacturer's range
  • creating designs of POS materials (advertising displays) for the brewery's marketing campaign
  • development of product visualization

Our goal was to prepare a design that would combine the tradition and features of the brand's visual identification system well-known on the market, and at the same time give the products a modern, refreshed look.


Hemp for Champ is another of the hemp brands that we provided graphic support. The company's activity is focused on the production of CBD and CBG oils, targeted primarily at athletes and people who care about good shape. As a team, we undertook:

  • creating a full visual identity of the brand, including the display of the company's content
  • development of a logotype taking into account the industry in which the company operates
  • creating graphics and advertising slogan "become a cHEMPion"
  • development of labels and product packaging
  • creating a website / online store in several languages, based on the latest technologies

Our plan was to create a brand distinguished by a simple but relevant advertising slogan that would also fulfill its role on the international market. Combined with the visual aspects of the brand, relating to its character and target group, Hemp for Champ is gaining more and more popularity among athletes all over the country.


The Bio-Konopny brand consists of certified, Polish products signed by well-known and popular hairdressing masters Andrzej Wierzbicki and Tomasz Schmidt from WS Academy. Bio-Hemp are also hair salons, the activity of which is based on the use of only natural hemp products. Our implementation included:

  • creating a logo with reference to the cannabis industry
  • developing the full visual identity of the company - both for products and hairdressing salons
  • developing labels and packaging of products: CBD oils, shampoos, conditioners

Hemp products and services are becoming more and more popular in the market today. That is why we focused on an image that is not obvious, but at the same time recognizable and distinguishing from other entities in the cannabis industry. Simple and visually aesthetic graphics match the exclusive character of the brand.


SATECH is a manufacturer and seller of bluetooth beacons, considered the future of the so-called the Internet of Things, working in many areas of business.

As KingAPP®, we were responsible for:

  • creating a logo and visual identification system that fit in with the innovative nature of the solutions offered by the brand
  • preparation of advertising materials for promotion on various marketing channels
  • creating a website that is a showcase of the brand and a source of information about products
  • building an online store that will be convinient for customers and that will provide employees efficient service

In cooperation with Satech, we focused on modern design and advanced technologies. This approach allowed us to develop solutions thanks to which our client's position on the market is constantly growing.

Other logos and visual concepts:

  • Aukcjomat.pl
  • AutoWorld
  • HR Posting
  • Sensualny Umysł
  • maskidlapolski.pl
  • SocialQueen®
  • PLHK - Poland-Hongkong Business Association
  • Teile.com.de
  • Bimmer24.de
  • MV Trading
  • Handel in Deutschland
  • Carbon King
  • Land-Impex
and more.
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Graphic designs
Graphic designs
Graphic designs
Graphic designs
Graphic designs

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