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Possibility of consenting to the performance of services under the contract before the indicated time

Possibility to post donation forms on the website, facilitating donation, e.g.. for the foundation. Forms can take the form of transferring the amount or the form of conversion (then the system converts a specific number selected by the donor into a given amount on the basis of purchased products). It is possible to set a fixed amount / amount presented on the form and a field for entering any amount / amount or anonymizing the donation form

The ability to quickly remove products from stock in three options: disposal of the product forcibly giving a reason, booking a product under the order or for the customer, and substracting from stock
Possibility of translator support when translating: product name and description, category, subcategory, parameters, SEO, offer and many other places requiring individual translation
Possibility to easily obtain the necessary data to complete the order, as well as edit and print them
Possibility to create a subpage with texts prepared by the client required by law in a given country (KingAPP® is not responsible for the content of the posted content), such as the Regulations or the Privacy Policy
Possibility of integration with the social media platform and quick access to the company's profile
The ability to register and log in to the site via Facebook
Possibility to create a contact subpage with a business card (address, telephone number, e-mail, etc.), an route map integrated with Google Maps, company opening hours, etc. It is also possible to place a contact form or a service inquiry form on the website and connect it with a CRM contact list (customer relationship management), among others in order to conduct more effective marketing activities
Ability to archive offers for later viewing. Thanks to this functionality, the system administrator can return to the history of sent offers, analyze them, edit and, on this basis, create new ones.. Digitization of quotations and their archiving saves working time and increases employee productivity
Possibility of counting the amount of time in connection with the materials used for production
Possibility to add remote voting options
Possibility to automatically send links confirming subscription to the newsletter, in accordance with EU and GDPR requirements
The ability to store all invoices in one place and find them quickly. The record of the purchase invoice when generating the purchase order by the system is fully automatic
Possibility to enable the option to highlight the currently promoted products / variants on the listing in the system administration panel. Products / variants to which rebate codes have been assigned or products / variants covered by a promotional price may be highlighted. Defined promotions will be regularly checked and updated by the system according to the administrator's settings (e.g. by date), and also automatically taken into account when placing an order from the administration panel, e.g. by a sales representative

Possibility to enable logging of geographical coordinates, which will allow for precise determination of the location where the sales representative accepted the order, where the photographic documentation was created or the goods were handed over. It is possible to register the whereabouts and routes of a mobile device. The functionality allows you to record the addition of the buyer's location to the database (during the first visit) in order to save the coordinates that will be used in the future to compare the data during the service of the entity

Possibility to assign different types of roles to users, e.g. administrator, agent, salesperson
Possibility of mapping products with adding keywords for the purpose of positioning the website
Possibility to manage polls, quizzes, e-voting
Possibility to edit the tracking number if needed
The ability to search for invoices in the "overdue" and "unpaid" status and automatically remind the client and the administrator
The ability to set the visibility of products only for a selected group of recipients, e.g. regular customers. The system allows administrators to segment users and then direct special offers to them in the form of products that will be available on the website only for them
Possibility to sell different sizes of the same product in packs or individually, as variants or in combinations, with a xcess of one of the sizes
Possibility to add new user accounts from the administrator level
The ability to stay in touch with customers and employees at any time with the support of a mobile application. To ensure the continuity, conversation threads can be pinned in many places in the system
Ability to generate QR codes and barcodes for: invoices.
Possibility of full two-sided integration with the AutoWorld.pl® automotive service. The system enables, among other things, automatic, mass collection of offers from the store to the marketplace platform, adaptation of the shipping price list and recording of prices, while supervising inventory and documentation circulation
Possibility to keep an eye on deadlines and prevent domain expiration (in the case of a domain purchased by KingAPP®)
The possibility of creating a dedicated, advanced search engine in the mobile application, adapted to the needs and current trends, both business and technology. After consulting the client and obtaining the necessary data, as well as expert advice, the product finder will be equipped with the necessary filters to facilitate the search and other technical tools
Ability to generate QR codes and barcodes for: working time.
Possibility for suppliers to report the route from point X to point Y, located in different transport zones, along with the cost of this journey. Thanks to the integration with the sales application, the user is able to book a transport, and the forwarder is able to optimize the route in such a way as to reduce transport costs

The ability to quickly generate offers from the level of the administration panel by system users. Administrator (e.g.. a sales representative) has the ability to create offers using easy-to-use modules that allow you to add selected products to a previously set template, replace the offer text or add a personalized message to the customer

Possibility of presenting articles in the highest places in Google Shopping search results while adapting the system to the latest trends required by the search engine
Possibility to provide the manufacturer with the option of adding products on the website. As part of the cooperation, the manufacturer will be able to create categories in the store, which he will be able to supplement with products and their variants. Products / variants within a given category can be combined sets. The product may have a description, photos, production preparation price (first items), price for subsequent items, as well as a packing and shipping group, weight and CBM as standard. The price set by the manufacturer applies only to the sale of the product to the store - he will not have access to the amounts set by the final seller

The ability of a natural person to check whether the agent whose services is used or intends to use is a person honest in the performance of his duties. A person included in the register of honest agents is registered in it by the insurance company with which he cooperates, which gives full credibility of the entered information

Possibility of tracking transports between warehouses e.g. by trucks or forklifts. Tracking is done through the list of shipments to determine when and where the goods will be available
Possibility to give a different name of the product / variant on the external sales platform
Possibility of registering and logging in to the website via HubBurger.com®
Possibility to validate the shipment by scanning the QR code or shipping number and comparing with the ordered products assigned to the shipment
Possibility of supervision over stock levels for offers intended for more than one buyer