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Automation of management of accounting processes: invoicing, recording, payments, settlements. Synchronization and organization of workflow and documents

Our business modules

Possibility to set up an automatic currency converter and record expenses in foreign currency at a real conversion rate
Possibility to set up an automatic currency calculator in payments
The ability to track the current account balance (payments) of a given user for the purpose of making / completing a transaction or monitoring the trade credit with the support of the mobile app
The ability to control finances through the ongoing recording of transfers and cash flow
The ability to automatically send a message confirming receipt of the payment from the customer via various channels, e.g. via e-mail, SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp
The ability to assign and record costs to the appropriate category or the appropriate place and time in the chain of business events
Possibility of posting payments to FVAT, pro forma, advance payment invoices (in selected countries), corrective or to the customer's account, which allows you to keep track of trade credits and the contractor's balance
Possibility to create multiple invoices simultaneously by type and time range, e.g. May 2020 FVAT, which will generate all FVAT from May 2020 to one .pdf, .xml or .csv file
The ability to search for invoices in the "overdue" and "unpaid" status and automatically remind the client and the administrator
Possibility to check expressly whether the invoice has been paid. The status change can be set manually or it can be synchronized with payments
The ability to store all invoices in one place and find them quickly. The record of the purchase invoice when generating the purchase order by the system is fully automatic
Possibility to fully automate the generation of FVAT, pro forma, advance and prepayment invoices (in selected countries), correcting according to their payment status, synchronization with payments or transactions, orders

Possibility of issuing and editing FVAT invoices, pro forma invoices, advance payment invoices, credit invoices (in selected countries), correction invoices by system administrators (accounting staff, sales staff, sales representatives, etc.). There is also an option to fully automate the generation of all types of invoices, as well as a possibility to issue documents using a mobile application at the customer's location (if the customer has the appropriate hardware)